Tue, 11 December 2018
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Wed, 21 March 2018 17:44:42

Mapco Products Sells New Commercial Grade Hybrid Led Bulbs Worldwide

MAPCO Industrial Products specialize in specialty chemicals and industrial long-life lighting applications.

MAPCO is popular for their energy-efficient commercial grade LED Hybrid Light bulbs. These lights are capable enough of replacing 32-watt fluorescent tubes regardless of whether they are with or without ballast. As they are LED lights, they are efficient enough in bringing down the cost of electricity and also the maintenance cost.

The good thing about MAPCO is that they have their lights available nationwide in the United States. Also, they carry a wide range of the best quality commercial LED lighting in varied tube colors like warm white with a look-alike yellow glow to halogen bulbs and cool white bulbs.

One of the customers of this company says “These are great lights. Gives off bright light and was easy to install. MAPCO was really easy to work with. We can really tell the difference with their bulbs vs the bulbs we‘ve bought in the past at the big-box stores.”

The brand says “LED Hybrid light bulbs present the best of both worlds because it can be used either as a plug-and-play installation or by bypassing the ballast.” Also, they suggest that the frequency of these illuminants to burn out is very less as they have a lifetime of 100,000 hours.

Quotes Form Happy Customers:

“These are great lights. Gives off bright light and was easy to install. MAPCO was really easy to work with. We can really tell the difference with their bulbs vs the bulbs we‘ve bought in the past at the big-box stores. “

“We replaced old T-8 bulbs in our office and we were so pleased with how bright the light was! It is perfect for reading or doing work at our desks. I would say that it’s probably 50% brighter than the existing fluorescent lighting. “

“These led hybrid light bulbs are great! They have really great light output and were really easy to install. It’s nice because I didn’t have to replace any of my ballasts. I am currently converting all of our lights in our warehouse and have been replacing them with this type bulb.”


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