Mon, 05 December 2016
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Mon, 13 April 2015 18:50:24

Luigi Wewege founder of Vivier Group interviewed by Mario Schulzke founder of IdeaMensch on being an entrepreneur

Luigi Wewege is the founder of Vivier Group and CEO of its Auckland based financial services arm Vivier & Co.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Luigi explains to IdeaMensch how the idea for the company came about and discusses certain things learnt along the way.

Firstly where did the idea for Vivier Group come from?

The Global Credit Crunch had relatively little effect on the New Zealand banking sector. In part, this fortunate stability was a result of the health of the country’s financial market and lending sector, which always faced much sterner regulation and control than many other countries during the boom years between 2002 and 2007. 

For such reasons, since the 1990s, New Zealand has been the destination of choice for global investors, who have been well rewarded for their faith. Particularly, those from countries such as Japan and China, who flocked to place their household savings in New Zealand, have since received interest rates well above their domestic offerings.

It became apparent to me in late 2013 that many global investors wanted to enjoy the attractive rates offered from New Zealand, without exposing themselves to exchange rate risk and thus the idea for Vivier Group was born.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

It always starts with a coffee due to being predominantly a night owl. I am at my most productive when it’s quiet and I can work without interruptions and distractions. To allow the latter to occur I during the day, endeavour to check in with international staff members as they come online via their respective time zones and go over any pressing issues they may have.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Business plans, costing sheets, financial forecasts, etc… etc… people can spend an exceptional amount of time theorizing their ideas further but for me if the idea does not come close to certain indicators from the get go then they are not worth pursuing. Although when they do it’s all about creating a clear strategy and bringing in the right team members in order to execute.

What’s one trend that really excites you?

For me it has to be the onset of digital banking firms and I find it fascinating how it’s forced larger retails banks to increase their pace of digital adoption. As established banks cannot stop client attrition to agile start-ups and niche players, these banks are now beginning to think more like disruptors, obsessing about consumer experience and using digital technology to avoid being totally outflanked by new entrants or established competitors.

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