Thu, 15 November 2018
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Sun, 02 September 2018 00:26:05

Platinum Realty Realtor Diana Burress welcomes the Wichita Metro Community back to enjoy field of sunflowers.

Sponsored by Wichita area Platinum Realty Realtor Diana Burress, local sunflower field returns to the delight of photographers, nature enthusiasts and community members.

With such an enthusiastic response from the community, local Realtor and Augusta, KS native, Diana Burress is bringing back the sunflower field that drew likes of photographers, nature-enthusiasts, and a mass of community members in 2017.

What started as a special present from husband to wife, Walter Burress, many years ago was turned into a local event last year when the couple decided to invite the local community by sharing it on Facebook. With the power of social media, people from around the Wichita Metro area began showing up in masses, much to the surprise of the Burress.

"We are a lot more prepared this year. Last year, the response was such a shock that parking was a nightmare and we felt bad for our neighbors with the excess of vehicles. This year we have planned and will have parking available for visitors to use without having to park on the road," stated Diana Burress.

Those who follow Diana Burress business page on Facebook have been able to keep up with progress of the sunflower field as they have grown this summer. Burress posts weekly videos updating on progress and estimates that a large portion of the field will be in bloom around the first and second weeks of September.

Photographers are probably the most enthusiastic about the field and the opportunity for a perfectly picturesque Kansas background for their clients. Especially since the Burress family isn't charging to use the field; however, for photographers that repeatedly use the field for their clients, the Burress do have a request.

"We are more than happy to allow photographers to use the field for their clients, but we request that they make time to take pictures of us and our family, too, if we are available," continued Burress.

Mainly, Walter and Diana are excited to see who all comes out to enjoy the field.

"Last year sort of blew me away with the number of people who showed up to either take pictures or just spend time out here. I got to talk a bunch of people and it was really neat to see the turnout," responded Walter Burress when asked about the field.

The pair plans to continue this tradition into the future, with Walter planting the flowers and Diana sponsoring the field.

"We are both born and raised in the area and try to stay active in our community. We love that this seemingly simple gesture has become an anticipated even for Augusta and the surrounding areas. Until there comes a time that it becomes out of hand, we plan on keeping it going," said Diana Burress.

Walter and Diana Burress request that all attendees respect the sunflowers, their neighbors and other attendees if they choose to visit the field in the coming weeks. Also, if you take some pictures, please tag or share them to Diana's Business Page so they can share. You can like Diana's page here,

Those interested in sunflower field updates can follow her page or view the videos on YouTube,


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