Thu, 15 November 2018
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Sun, 24 June 2018 00:59:54

Holistic Low GI Spaghetti Lowers Blood Sugar Levels With Sustained Energy Release & Aids Health Just Launched

Looking to help others improve their health, British Columbia-based Emulin Canada, a health advocate, released low GI spaghetti that's ideal for enhancing digestion and sustaining energy.

Hornby Island, British Columbia-based, Emulin Canada, a independent distributor for Igalen has now partnered with Holista Foods a holistic health food provider,and has announced the release of a low GI spaghetti. Ideal for those who are seeking healthy eating alternatives that are natural and help to reduce illness, this low GI spaghetti releases sustainable energy and aids in the maintenance of digestive health.

More information is available at

Just released, the low GI spaghetti has a glycemic index of 38 and is Glycemic Index Foundation certified. Therefore, science proves that the low GI spaghetti is a healthier food choice.

According to research, low GI eating is one of the best ways to support good health. All foods rank between 0 to 100 on the glycemic index. Foods that rank lower on the index are better for the body as they digest slowly providing sustained energy that does not elevate blood sugar levels as fast as other foods. Low GI foods are those that have a value of 55 on the index or lower.

Low GI foods are also more satisfying. This sustained energy release by the new low GI spaghetti therefore reduces the need to snack between meals, which, in turn, leads to better health. The low GI spaghetti is available in a 14oz package, a 2.6lb box, and 20lb bulk buy.

Emulin Canada aims to help others improve their health through sustainable choices. Moving away from modern day hype, this company classify themselves as straight shooters who build relationships based on integrity. As such, they are a source of health information and strive to assist others in taking control of their lives.

When asked about the latest low GI product, one consumer said, "This spaghetti is a reliable source of protein and fibre. Barley, lentil, fenugreek and okra are its main ingredients. Plus, science proves that this pasta has a lower glycemic index than other pasta. With poor health, I'm looking for foods that help me control these illnesses and to improve my lifestyle. This spaghetti helps me to achieve this."

To find out more about Emulin Canada and their new working Relationship with Holista Foods to bring you healthy alternatives , Low gi foods and gluten free products click on the link above. Website visitors can read more about the health benefits associated with this pasta.


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