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Get The Best Free Social Media Marketing SMM Facebook Strategy Solutions For Local Businesses

Local Marketing Resource, a digital marketing agency based in Ocala, Florida, announced Geekology Makeover Takeover, a new no-cost, no-obligation social media marketing service. Local business clients can thus pre-test professional SMM services without paying for standard marketing contracts.

Local Marketing Resource, a local digital marketing agency based in Ocala, Florida, launched an innovative 360 degree Makeover Takeover, social media marketing service for local businesses looking to improve their social media presence using high-efficiency strategies.

The company's Makeover Takeover Social media service is available as a free, no-cost, no-risk, no-obligation trial, alllowing business clients a chance to test the services before committing to a full contract.

More information can be found at

Digital marketing has seen impressive developments in recent years and business owners are mostly in the dark regarding how to effectively be involved. It's a must have marketing tool to be in front of the local community and an asset with a strong engaging followers.

More than 75% of all consumers use social media not only to find information on products and services but how a business is rated within the local community. People do business with who they know, like & trust and it's important to see the community's engagement & ratings to gain and keep local clients coming back.

There are several problems faced by businesses in social media. (1) The lack of attention by the company (2) The time it takes to learn Social media Marketing (3) The knowledge to attract, create and retain engagement.

A company's budget and time extended for efficient marketing are very tight, ultimately resulting in little to no gains overall. Unfortunately, most businesses get frustrated & stop doing it altogether giving viewers a first impression the company isn't credible or trustworthy.

It's well known Social Media can be a huge asset to businesses and flat out ignoring the community around it can be economic suicide. The competition ends up gaining the potential customer because the community can't see the business to get to know like and trust it.

Businesses with a Facebook page, have been found to be largely embarrassed by the lack of good results and rightfully so. It takes a well versed and focused company to maintain the constant changes in marketing.

Watch the video:

Most SMM providers offer and do only part of the social medai process leaving the client with canned memes and no engagement. Only doing part of the 360 degree process does not help build a company.

It's commonly offered without any trial of the online services, resulting in relatively high prices in subscription fees for results that are often unpredictable or downright unsatisfactory.

Local Marketing Resource's innovative 360 degree, solves the issues and completes what has been missing with full circle social media service plans and invites businesses looking to experience benefits first hand for a free no obligation trial.

The company's Geekology Makeover Takeover services are designed as a no-cost, no-risk, no-obligation trial program for local businesses. It's a serious and impressive method implementing state-of-the-art social media marketing practices gaining and keeping clients coming back to spend more - more often.

J. Pickett from LMR Geekology stated: "We've solved a serious local business marketing problem relieving the stress and financial waste of no results. Each Free individualized Makeover Takeover strategy has our skin into the game because we spend out of pocket money prior to a clien'ts committment. The strategy is focused and produces undeniable results making clients enthusiatically join once the proof is revealed. It easily gains new clients, nurtures existing ones, builds local brand recall and a 5 star reputation. We obviously wouldn't offer it if the strategy wasn't affordable and didn't work".

Client businesses benefit from working with a dedicated team of social media experts optimizing their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn and various other social networks, thus contributing to increased social media popularity, higher brand recognition, 5 star reputation, larger local market reach and overall business growth.

Local Marketing Resource has extensive experience working with businesses in all industries, helping local companies with effective individualized social media marketing campaigns for various business and marketing goals. The compamy stays on the forefront of SMM trends and the article below states 7 changes FB is doing next which enhances the Geekology strategy.

Click to read article:

Unlike most other marketing agencies, the Ocala agency offers clients the possibility to create custom packages designed for their specific marketing needs, thus avoiding the inconveniences of paying for unnecessary services. This strategy works throughout the United States and LMR Geekology also has an office located in Muskegon, Michigan.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.


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